Phone Number: 716.408.0499
Address: 3rd Floor, Great Arrow Building, 255 Great Arrow Avenue

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Subversive Theatre Collective is to revitalize the august tradition of American Protest Theatre by performing the radical political plays that are typically overlooked by commercially-minded theatres.

While endorsing no one political philosophy, Subversive Theatre dedicates itself to the belief that the purpose of art is not simply to entertain, but to address matters of social conscience including - but not limited to - issues of exploitation, discrimination, empowerment, and activism.  While many arts organizations strenuously avoid controversy, Subversive Theatre invites it in the quest to provoke debate, discussion, and critical analysis of all aspects of our society.

Furthermore, art must not be the province of the affluent, but accessible to people of all economic means.  Therefore, the vast majority of Subversive Theatre's work is presented to the public on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Ultimately, the goal of Subversive Theatre is twofold: firstly, to provide the traditional theatre-going public with artistically strong, professional caliber productions of political theatre and, secondly, to reach beyond typical audiences and involve a wider cross section of society in theatre by speaking unabashedly to social issues that relate directly to everyday peoples' everyday circumstances.

2016 - 2017

Urinetown! The Musical
9/08/2016 - 10/15/2016

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
11/03/2016 - 12/03/2016

We Three
12/21/2016 - 12/23/2016

Stop Kiss
2/23/2017 - 3/18/2017

The Trial Of Trayvon Martin
4/06/2017 - 5/06/2017

Radium Girls
6/15/2017 - 6/24/2017