Tuck Everlasting

Ages 9+

Script by Mark J. Frattaroli

Based on the book TUCK EVERLASTING by Natalie Babbitt

In this timeless and thought-provoking story based on the beloved children’s classic, we follow 10-year-old Winnie and the Tucks, a peculiar family whom she meets. The Tucks have a secret – long ago, they drank from a forest spring; ever since, no one in the family has aged a bit. Winnie accidentally discovers the Tuck family secret and is left with a choice: will she drink from the same spring and join the Tucks outside the laws of Time? Join TOY for a journey you’ll never forget in this daring and suspenseful story about love, loyalty, family and living life to the fullest.

Sponsored by RP Oakhill Building Company Inc. and DV Brown & Associates

Running Dates:
2/02/2019 - 2/10/2019

Theatre of Youth