Written by Gary Earl Ross

Directed by Kurt Schneiderman

Starring Shawnell Tillery, Brian Brown, Rick Lattimer, Lawrence Rowswell, Leon Copeland, Jr., Kunji Rey, Brittany Bassett, Kajana Stover, and Michael Mottern

For the 7th installment of our annual ‘Black Power Play Series’, Buffalo’s favorite subversive playwright Gary Earl Ross has crafted a new play that dares to ask: WHAT IF?  What if it was George Zimmerman who was shot that fateful night?  What kind of treatment would teenaged Trayvon Martin have faced at the hands of America’s INjustice system?  With an inventive twist on the all TOO real events, this new work offers an explosive new look at the racial injustice that is ripping our country to shreds!

Running Dates:
4/06/2017 - 5/06/2017

Subversive Theatre Collective