The Night Alive

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By Conor McPherson
Directed by Brian Cavanagh

The author of THE WEIR (ICTC, 2001) and SHINING CITY (ICTC, 2011) flexes his considerable comic muscles in THE NIGHT ALIVE, a mischievous and merciless study of the daily existence of a small group of low-life Dubliners, whose edgy survival instincts allow them to cope with adversity in a uniquely humorous and truly outrageous manner.  A strong cast, led by Buffalo’s resident comic genius, Brian Mysliwy (FULLY COMMITTED; LA BETE) and ICTC Artistic Director Vincent O'Neill deliver McPherson’s dark comic world with flair and style. Not to be missed!

Starring Vincent O'Neill, Brian Mysliwy, Cassie Gorniewicz, Kevin Craig and Adam Yellen.

Running Dates:
3/02/2018 - 3/25/2018

Irish Classical Theatre Company