Morning Dew - Response Festival Performance

A virtual reality experience by FLATSITTER in collaboration with David Mitchell.

Dates: July 17-22

  • Tues.-Thurs. 6pm-10pm,
  • Fri 6pm-12am,
  • Sat. 2pm-12am,
  • Sun. 2-10pm

Location: AMLDC, 612 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14212

Tickets: $15

More information and all festival tickets at:

FLATSITTER is a digital media and performance collective based in Montreal, CA. Morning Dew is an immersive theater + virtual reality experience that features a video projection and mixed media installation by David Mitchell, paired with a virtual reality experience by Flatsitter with music from Shawn Elliott Lewis and Brianna Battista.

1961: A Canadian folk singer named Bonnie Dobson woke up in the middle
of the night and wrote a post-apocalyptic folk song called “Morning Dew.”
She later recalled: “After everyone went to bed, I sat up and suddenly I just
started writing this song although I had never written a song in my life.” It’s a love story about the end of the world - told in reverse.

Morning Dew is an apocalyptic love story told in three acts - after, during, and before the apocalypse. It is experienced two-at-a-time, so patrons must make reservations in advance. The installation will take place at the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle, 612 Fillmore Ave.

Running Dates:
7/17/2018 - 7/22/2018

Torn Space Theater