Manmade Earth - Response Festival performance

Presentation of a new audience-driven performance by internationally-acclaimed company 600 Highwaymen, joined by a parallel Torn Space co-presentation.

Time:  7:30pm

Location: AMLDC 612 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14212

Tickets: $25

Part of the 2018 Response Festival Performance

Manmade Earth is at the intersection of performance and installation. A guided performance that is created by the attending audience, this piece continues 600 HWM’s singular trajectory of making work both for and by community. Manmade Earth examines the evolution of our society; how we come together to create what we could not on our own. Buildings get built, destroyed, built again. How do the structures that we make push us together or keep us apart?

Running Dates:
11/16/2018 - 11/18/2018

Torn Space Theater