Written by Florian Zeller
Directed by Robert Waterhouse
Starring Christopher Evans, Adriano Gatto, Kristin Bentley Kacala, David Lamb and Aleks Malejs

The play only recently completed triumphant runs on Broadway, where it was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Play, and in London’s West End.  

As LE PERE, Florian Zeller’s play won three coveted Moliere Awards in Mr. Zeller’s native France, and was translated into English by Christopher Hampton, a playwright who has himself won two Tony Awards. Frank Langella won the Tony for Best Actor during THE FATHER’S Broadway run, which had to be extended. “We applied for the rights just as the play was opening on Broadway, so it was a long wait, but a worthwhile one,” said Lamb, who added “It’s a beautifully written play, and does what the Kav is really all about: it invites our audiences in, across the footlights, to share a journey.”  

THE FATHER teases audiences by showing the world through the eyes of an elderly man who is losing his memory, so that we come to share the disorientation of the title character. Florian Zeller has said that what interests him as a playwright is “bringing the audience into the play so that, in a way, it becomes an actor, too.” Both THE FATHER and a recent comedy, THE TRUTH, about a man losing his footing during an affair, have audiences second guessing their own perceptions as the plays unfold.

Running Dates:
4/28/2017 - 5/14/2017

The Kavinoky Theatre