Welcome to the Theatre Alliance of Buffalo (TAB) Auditions Page!

Please note that in order to audition for TAB, you must be a graduating college senior or out of school.  Current students who will be enrolled as a student during the 18-19 season are not eligible.  Individual theatres will hold auditions for student actors if their shows warrant it.

2018-2019 Auditions will be held:
PLAYS - Monday, Jan. 29 and Monday, Feb. 5 (pick ONE date) at Road Less Traveled Theatre - 500 Pearl Street, Buffalo, NY 14202 (between 6pm-10pm each night).

MUSICALS - Monday, Feb. 19 at MusicalFare Theatre - on the campus of Daemen College - 4380 Main Street, Amherst, NY 14226 (between 5:30pm-10pm).

Auditions are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please follow the step-by-step instructions below.  You will not be given an appointment if all steps are not completed in the order they are listed.
The deadline to make an appointment is Wednesday, January 24th at 4pm.  Any requests made after the deadline will not be honored.


(1) CLICK HERE to download the TAB Audition Form (Word Document).  You must fill this out completely and SAVE IT TO YOUR HARD-DRIVE.

(2) Email requesting an audition slot. You MUST attach the following documents to your email:
     (a) The TAB Audition Form you filled out (Word Document or PDF ONLY - no other file types accepted)
     (b) Your Theatre Resume (Word Document or PDF ONLY - No other file types accepted)
     (c) Your Headshot (JPEG or PDF only - No other file types accepted)
If all documents are not attached or are not in the correct formats, you will not receive an appointment.  No exceptions.

(3) Once your email is received, someone will reply within 36 hours telling you your actual appointment time(s).  You do not have an appointment until you receive an email from us.

(4) There is a mandatory $5 audition fee* which you bring to your first audition.  Payment may be made by check (payable to Theatre Alliance of Buffalo) or cash (exact change only).  You only pay this $5 fee ONCE, whether you are auditioning one night or two nights. 

(5) If you wish to have your headshot and contact information on the TAB website, you may add a one-time $20 to your payment (for a grand total of $25).  This is not mandatory.

(6) Stipulations/Materials Needed:
            FOR PLAYS:
            -One (maximum) two-minute monologue OR one (maximum) five-minute scene between two people. 
The monologue/scene MUST be memorized and may not be longer than the allotted time.  Your audition will be stopped by a monitor at the appropriate-minute mark. 

If you are choosing to do a two-person scene, please be aware that both auditioners must both have the same time slot – please check with your audition partner for his/her availability before contacting TAB.  Please make sure that when you set up the appointment that BOTH auditioners’ forms/headshots/resumes are sent in simultaneously – preferably in the same email. 
            -Your $5 audition fee.  If you are doing a two-person scene, BOTH auditioners must pay the $5 fee. 

              FOR MUSICALS:
            -Sheet music for 32 bars of ONE SONG.
Sheet music must include piano accompaniment.  The song MUST be memorized. An accompanist is provided. 

            -Your $5 audition fee (if you didn’t already pay at a play audition).

(7) Individual TAB theatres will hold callbacks at their discretion later in the year for individual shows.

*Your TAB Audition fee is used to help pay for CDs of all auditioners’ headshots, resumes and audition forms, thus saving auditioners the cost of having to provide up to 50 printed copies of those materials.  The fee also helps to pay for the accompanist for the Musical auditions. Accompanist for the Musical auditions is also partially made possible by a donation from the Family and Estate of Michael G. Hake.

TAB Auditions are a general audition allowing actors to perform for representatives of TAB Member Theatres for the upcoming season, and for subsequent seasons.


CSz Buffalo (ComedySportz) Presents:
Improv for Auditioners

An Improv Workshop for the Scripty-Types

January 10 | 7-9pm | $25

CLICK HERE for details, info and registration.




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